Dreaming with Steve (again)

Today I dreamed with Steve. Steve and I were together and we were invited to a birthday party by his ex, or his on-and-off girlfriend, or his is complicated (all these are valid current, real descriptions of her, I think). At first I thought it was for their son but then I discovered it was for her daughter.
Steve and I arrived together by car. I was driving without difficulty,which is surprising to me since in every car dream that I’ve had I either am on the passenger seat or there I some impediment that stops me from actually driving properly. The car was red, a Pontiac Grand Prix I think, it was my first car now that I think about it.
Her home was beautiful and big, a brick mansion owned by her father or was it stone? (not quite sure how I know this though) It was surrounded by a lush and green garden.
We arrived at the party and the next thing I know I am sitting on a sofa at a very stylish living room, in front of me her and a friend of hers. She threaten me, I can’t remember the words exactly but she did, and told me to leave Steve alone.

The second part of the dream what I remember is sitting with Steve on a sled, one of those plastic, round ones. He was sitting in front and I was holding on to his waist, we were on the stone floor and the top of a metal staircase. A round metal staircase its top flushed with the floor, mechanically unfolding like a black and deep throat that would lead us to acid digestion. The sled tilted forward and I woke up.

What I interpret from this dream? One, I’m driving the car and he is the passenger so I am taking an active role in our relationship, and let me clarify our relationship is only a friendship. Our ride ends at his ex’s . . . Not very hopeful on that front. Two, she threatened me. Possibly this reflects my own insecurities, I must learn to deal with my own weaknesses. Third, the stair case. Changes in my life, physical, spiritual or emotional. Going down a spiral staircase holding on to his waist: in the spiral stairs I see as a new beginning (with him? Since we’re both together), downwards possibly means unexpressed feelings or emotions (I want him but what else?)

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