I stand at your door frozen, unsure. As I look at the light blue sky it seems all too much like a dream. . . The crispness of the light, the scent of the prairie grass in the air.
I wait for you to open the door.
I come in and say something silly – I can’t think clearly when I’m standing so close to you. – You say Oh…
You look at me and I can’t breathe.
You smile at me and I can feel the wetness within me.
I throw my arms around you and kiss you. I’m not unsure anymore.
We kiss, I feel your tongue inside my mouth and I press myself against you.
You hands feel my body, my back, my waist, my thighs. . .You pull me closer.
I assume you have a bed I say. You respond something . . . What?
I have my eyes closed, I can’t hear anything. I want only to taste your saliva, feel your tongue, feel you.
You say . . . Upstairs?
We move and come apart. I start up the stairs.
My legs feel weak, my nipples feel hard, I feel wet and hot.
My head feels dizzy and I sway as I go.
The bed and finally  . . . You.


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