Dreaming with Steve

It has been a long time since I wrote about a dream, but last night I had a dream about Steve for the first time.  In truth it was a dream about me with Steve playing a prominent role.
It was late at night and I was on a busy cobblestone street, probably Spain judging from the architecture and the ambiance. I was dressed in a formal short black dress with very uncomfortable, very high heels which I usually never wear either on my real or my dream life. I was standing in the middle of a very loud, very blond crowd of women all dressed in formal attire. As I was debating if I should ta ridiculous shoes off or if I should look for a different pair, I saw Steve standing in the middle of the street, all dressed in black and smiling at me.
I was quite puzzled since I was in Spain. How the hell did he get there? Strangely enough my reaction was to be embarrassed for wearing uncomfortable shoes.
It was all a bit surreal as it always is in a dream. I started walking towards him (not without difficulty) and we started debating if I should wear my shoes or discard them. Finally Steve threw them away and I walked barefoot.

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