The Story of Us

The story of us starts before I met him, Steven Larsen, it started before my divorce. It started long ago when I was a young, shy girl who never got the boy she liked.
I knew there was a risk when I asked to kiss him. I knew it because I’ve been there before. I knew I would fall for him but I was afraid to miss the chance.
But I’m getting ahead of myself and I should go in order and clarify there is no us, but there was for a brief moment.

My marriage, my relationship with Donnie was good but at the end I felt it had been a waste of time. Energy and love lost, so much love invested in a person who discarded me as if I were nothing. So much time of our precious lives wasted. After that I didn’t want to waste anymore time, to miss anymore chances. But with taking chances comes the possibility of pain.

I have taken my chances and I have suffered the pain. I have cried, and scream, and I still do, but the pain, the tears and the empty nights are worth it. They are worth it because he is worth it.
He is worth it because he made me laugh and he thought I was funny, because we giggled all day while we looked at each other, because he thought I was a great kisser and had perfect breasts. But most of all he is worth it because when he looked at me and smiled I melted, because when he kissed me I felt light headed.

He is worth it because while I was with him I was happy.

He is worth it because he gave me the perfect gift: Ender’s Game.

He is worth it because I felt him faster and stronger than I have felt anybody.


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