When home is not home anymore

As I walk the streets I see the difference that three years have done to the town, or is it the change three years have done to me?
Familiar faces seem strange and old voices have new nuances and tones, old friends and new ones come into play on this strange trip back home, when is not home anymore.
I forgot the isolation and it’s cruel beauty, I forgot there are no city sounds here, I forgot the sweet smell of the air, I forgot many things…But others I remember. This is not home anymore, and it can’t be.
I saw Nathan, we didn’t talk and pretended we didn’t know each other, he looked good. I didn’t see Bruce, I think I won’t. I met Steve, interesting man, I find his voice extremely attractive.
Elation overcomes me as I drive through familiar places, as I see the blue hills, I enjoy my very good, very close friends. As I hear their voices and we share laughs, as we hug and kiss and tell each other our lives and dreams. These are my true friends, but this is not home anymore.


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