Office self-sex

Sometime back I wrote a post about engaging in sexting with a man from my past and the doubts and issues it gave me. Today I write a somewhat follow up post taking about masturbation in the workplace.
The sexting has not stopped, I confess I quite enjoy it although sometimes it still gives me some pause, and some times it gets a little bit to hot for the environment I find myself in at the time.
Those times I find myself at work while sexting are increasing in number. Sometimes, not always I just need to masturbate and in lack of a better place I end up in the ladies bathroom, which is not the most discreet place.
I have masturbated on my office bathroom twice at least, maybe three time overall. Today I believed I was overheard by a coworker judging by the weird look she gave me. I just giggle at the thought and was a bit embarrassed, then I thought I was being self conscious about masturbation and it was probably nothing at all.
My coworker went into the bathroom just a minute or two after I came out and she might have been waiting outside. Possibly waiting inside since the stall door is the only one that locks and not the actual bathroom door. Then again it might be nothing.
Disregarding the perceived strange looks, the potential embarrassement and other repercussions there might be, masturbating at work poses the following question, is it appropriate to masturbate at work?
The question of course requires clarification, masturbation in the bathroom of the workplace, which implies privacy. Or doesn’t it? What is the function or purpose of the bathroom, apart from the obvious and would masturbation fall under such purpose?
I reached only one conclusion: I have to be more careful.


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