Does anybody else do this?

I have a very active imagination, I was a painfully shy child and I resorted to fantasy and books to endure daily life, as a result I am a compulsive daydreamer in my adulthood. My childhood fantasies have evolved but they are still there, and during my everyday life, at work, at home and during every activity (or non-activity) I perform or participate in I find myself daydreaming, fantasizing, imagining and much more.

Recently, today actually, I found myself wondering if anybody else does this? If there is anyone else out there who is also a compulsive daydreamer. Sometimes I get so involved in my other world that I “space out” 🙂 I was reading a book just yesterday on my morning break (or was is lunch?) and I started thinking about the characters, one in particular and what would I have done if I was that character. Then, it evolved slowly but steadily into a completely new plot. A new story developed in my mind, what each character would do, what they would say etc. I also do this with movies, shows, series . . .

So, does anybody else do this? Do you have a completely new and different story going on inside your mind when you read? Do you believe in alternative universes? Different plot lines appear as you watch a movie? Parallel evolution occurs? I do, yes I believe and it happens all in my beautiful mind.


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