Driving my car

Last night I dreamed I drived my own car, my own electric blue car. That in itself is not that exciting but, in every car dream I remember I’m never driving my own car, I am usually a passenger either in my own car or in somebody else’s.
Last night’s dream was also a bit different since I behaved quite aggressively. In fact, I took hammer to the glass window of a truck, it was justified since the owner of the truck had stolen some tools from me.
Let’s start from the beginning then. I was park at the parking lot of an indoor mall, looked like the Highland Mall but with much more trees and greenery. I was fixing the headrest of my front car seat with my window down when a man stuck his hand inside it and grab some of my tools.
I got out of my car and approached the man, who was standing on the curb with another man beside him. When I asked him why had done it and to return my tools, he stated he needed the screwdriver and he wasn’t returning it. So I took a hammer to the car window until he gave it back.
After that I got into mycar and drove away through city traffic.
It was daylight with a celeste blue sky, not a cloud in sight. I didn’t look up at the sky but I just know it was so.
The faces of the men I don’t remember, just that they were tall.


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