Nightmare, dream or realization?

Last night’s dream was interesting and disturbing. In my dream I took a trip to Rapid City, SD but when I arrived at the town it looked more like a small, sierra, Andalusian town. With narrow streets and small white houses on top of each other. If I didn’t know I was in Rapid I could have sworn I was in Conil de la Frontera.
I was driving through the town, which proved difficult with my big American car in the narrow streets, but as I was maneuvering through I saw Bruce sitting in the outdoor terrace of a typical Spanish bar (this goes with the mix theme in my dream about Andalucía and Rapid).
Actually, I didn’t see Bruce but just the top of his head (may have been from behind) and a pair of cowboy boots, female cowboy boots mind you (attached obviously to a pair girl’s legs) on the top of his table. This was I assumed, his girlfriend and I was devastated. In my devastation I drove directly to the airport and returned home.
But my return home wasn’t the end of it, I remember vaguely meeting a coworker on my way to the airport, witnessing a car accident, and being preoccupied about being late to work.
Strange dreams.


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