I am never on time, but I’ll get mad if you’re late.
I suffer from insomnia but I won’t stop drinking coffee.
I’ll want you to ask for my forgiveness everytime I hurt you.
I’ll know I’m wrong, yet I’ll hate to lose the argument.
I love eating, but I don’t cook.
I hate beards, but I do love yours.
I won’t tell you I want you back, but I’ll expect you to know it.


5 thoughts on “Contradictions”

      1. Because we are wonderful and complex beings of light šŸ™‚ and that shows in our writing. Thanks for the comments and liking my post.


      2. I thought the key to happiness is about simplicity….men want clarity. We fall faster hoping to find someone to slowdown with. Think about simplifying with honesty and the contradictions will add up!!!! You’re welcome


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