Dreaming of Neverland

When I was a little girl I dreamed of Neverland, I dreamed that Peter Pan would come through my bedroom window and take me flying to a far and beautiful magic land. I nurtured this dream, I hope for it, I wished for it but, of course, it never came true. Peter Pan never came for me to take me away from my, then perceived to be, most ordinary and boring childhood. I grew up.

I grew up and I took myself to Neverland, I flew there with a newly made set of wings, conquered all lands, defeated pirates and ticking crocodiles and all.

After growing up, after wings and pirates I find myself dreaming of Neverland again. Dreaming of Peter Pan to come and take me away, wishing for it, hoping for it. But I know he won’t come and I will have to fashion myself a new set of wings, this time with a rechargeable solar motor.

Give me wings so I can fly,
Give me dreams to dream.
As I go through life to the inevitable end let me dream and never lose hope.
As I face everyday give me strength.
I will build my wings and I will reach my Neverland.
And I shall bring down all the Peter Pans who made us believe we could not fly alone.


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