Paranoia overcomes me.
A strange feeling runs through my spine.
Today as I was browsing the web boringly, I came across an article about tips for nervous flyers. The photograph that opened the article featured an African-American man in his mid 30’s, with dreadlocks and glasses.
Now, this man is facing away from the camera so I cannot really say he looks like certain someone I know but, he comes really close.
His appearance and the the fact that that certain someone is afraid of flying…Well, what are the odds? (Oh, sorry he is not afraid of flying it just makes him nervous ).
So I stared at the article’s title and picture for a while trying to decide if  this is some type of cybernetic/cosmic sign, a cue for me to do something or a warning or….who the hell knows!?
Then, I remembered that I don’t believe in that kind of thing and that probably is the other way around; because I’m thinking about him I’m easily reminded of him.
But yes, the paranoia hit me quite suddenly!
Don’t let airplane jitters ground you: 10 tips for nervous flyers

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