You, now?

I had a dream last night, this by itself is not unusual since I remember my dreams quite often. It was unusual because last night I dreamt about him. He who abandoned me, he who hasn’t been a part of my life for the last 6 months, he the stranger, he the unknown.

It looked like downtown Rapid City, with not so tall, brown, brick building. He lived in one of the building and I went there on a visit. As I entered the building I noticed everybody living there was exactly alike: young, Caucasian men with light brown hair and golden tan skin. All of them were naked except for a pair of hunter green Bermuda shorts. I also noticed all of those men were looking elsewhere and I didn’t see their faces (but I somehow knew they were all identical).

I entered his apartment and he was laying on his back, smiling like his old self. We talked and laugh about how I needed to get him some new green Bermuda shorts. Then, I woke up and remember my life wasn’t the same anymore.



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