Dreaming with Johnny Goudie


Last night I was sitting in a club where all the décor was gray and silver, in my hand a soft yellow drink (vodka and lemon juice I suspect) and light jazz music playing in the background. As I sat there listening to the music he came along and sat beside me.
He was wearing jeans, a black t-shirt and a black jacket. And, even though it was night he was wearing dark, stylish sunglasses.

He sat opposite to me and started a conversation casually. I don’t quite remember the conversation but I do remember his voice, soft and quiet. Someway or another the conversation drifted in one particular direction, and I finally asked him why, if the room was full of beautiful women had he decided to sit by me. The answer to my question was as follows that there is beauty in sadness and I looked quite sad.

I looked at him and woke up.


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