The stressful days and endless nights

Sometimes people surprise you and not in the best of ways. I was recently surprised by someone whom I loved once, surprised in a very negative way. We shared a life together once, it seems it was a long time ago and at the same time just like yesterday. That life ended with much pain and suffering, but the suffering still continues . . . I thought the worst was over but he finds ways to keep hurting me, and I just don’t understand why.

He seeks now to tear my heart apart, to destroy my family, to take my love ones away from me. Just the thought of it sends me into a wild sobbing, I can’t keep tears from filling my eyes, and even though I have faith that all be right in the end and we will not be separated I am afraid.

Fear. I choose to live without fear, I said this to a friend once. I choose to live life without fear and we will prevail. We will prevail.


One thought on “The stressful days and endless nights”

  1. Thank you, great inspiring blog, i’m so looking forward to start reading and discovering what you write on here.. 🙂


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