Old friends, old flames

When I first attended college I met a young man, let’s just call him M,  and we became best friends and we developed a crush for each other.  Nothing ever came of it except a long lasting deep friendship. Because we are friends, and because that is all that we are I was surprised this morning by my dream about him, about us.
In my dream he was married and I single, I’m not sure how I now this but I do, and we were having sex. In fact, 90% of my dream was just having sex with him. During our encounter two things became apparent, his smell and his huge penis. Truth be told I have never seen his penis in real life, never really even thought about it, but in my dream it was huge and smooth, weird. His smell was musky and reminded me of pine needles.
After we were done his smell stayed with me, stayed after I got out of the apartment that we were in (which I don’t recognized as a real place outside my dream), after I crossed paths with his wife in the lobby. Stayed with me while I partied with our friends.And only disappeared when I woke up.


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