I. The Change

She was the illegitimate daughter, what could the future hold for her? No doubt her father loved her but she was his untold secret, the obstacle in his political career. How to deal with her?
She lived confined to the inner rooms, in the company of books, with the occasional visit of an alienating stepmother and unknown half siblings. Haunted by loneliness and the fainting memory of a laughing mother her world of solitude hold her and her dreams, until the day of the change.

The day of the change her father came into her room You will be married, prepare yourself. Those were his words, life changing words spoken as casually as can be. From then on it began. She was to be married to a Danish man 20 years her senior, in the cold and northern country. She would leave immediately.

The voyage was by land and by sea and uneventful on the surface. The real voyage was inside her heart and her mind, send away to live with her future political family. Political was the right word, she had been sold for the benefit of her father, and of her future husband. A husband old enough not to care for her face or her mind, old enough to care only for her seven and ten years.

Mostly to protect herself, however unconsciously, she started daydreaming about her future husband, creating to scape reality, creating to push away fears.


She arrived on a cold spring morning and she saw him. Gracefully standing, watching for her. A tall, charismatic but strange man with a haunting and slightly unearthly beauty: the alpine cheekbones, the dark eyes. In his expression she could see both tenderness and cruelty, a chill overtook her.

He welcomed her with a husky voice and she was lost to him.


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