The Putrid House

A night full of darkness, blues, grays, blacks . . . A house decrepit and full of mold, dust, cobwebs . . .
I walk through the halls, with a baby? A carriage? Alone? The furniture, the walls . . . All is devoid of color, all appears blue and gray.
I am in an attic, there is no ceiling, and there’s a witch. She is horrible, although I can’t see her features, she curses me. I can see the spells fly through the air, like a thin wave of heat, but they miss me.
I get out of the house, I am beyond terrified, there is a car and people are waiting for me inside. I get in and we run.
I see spells coming out of my hands, they come to me like thoughts and leave followed by iridescent pink and purple hearts.


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