Dreaming with my new apartment

I am thinking about buying  small town home, but since my budget is small my choices are limited. Just yesterday I was looking at one that was ideal for me, except for a small detail – it wasn’t finished. I checked it out and I concluded I could fix it up with some help and some paint, but I would have to bring an inspector to asses it before buying.

Obviously that thought remained in my mind when I went to sleep because my dreams were exactly about that. In my dream I was visiting the town home with an inspector and he was pointing out all the defects of the home. Room after room we went and he continued listing all the errors and repairs that needed to be done. The one detail I remember more clearly is the inspector pointing out that one of the low bearing walls had been modified and probably the ceiling would be coming crumbling down soon. Charming!

As you can imagine I will most certainly make sure that a thorough home inspection is done before I buy anything!


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