Dreaming with . . . Dani

We use to have sex on regular basis, when we were in college, and the first time I saw him – October 3rd, 1995 – I fell in love with him, love at first sight for the first time in my life. But such is life and we were not destined to be together, or in layman’s terms I got tired of waiting for him to decided if he wanted me enough to be in a relationship.

I have found another love, truer, sincere. I have built a life. And still, at night he haunts me in my dreams, he talks to me, he laughs as I remember he did . . . In my dreams he appears out of nowhere, he lingers in my waking to finally be gone by daylight. But at night, always, he’s there in my dreams.

In my dreams he drives a car, a red one, down a sunny street and I’m sitting there beside him wondering what am I doing with him, and where we’re going. But I keep quiet and just watch him drive, surprised that is daylight, surprised that he’s there, he instead of . . . him.

Dani. Why him? Why always? Why?


4 thoughts on “Dreaming with . . . Dani”

  1. HI,

    I feel the same way too of my first love.. 6 years & still not able to let go completely, even after knowing there cant be a future. Such is true love.. !! U will always cherish those memories am sure.. tc


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