Where were you?

In New Year’s Eve we went to a party, but we didn’t arrive together, I arrived earlier with my friends and you were to come later with yours. Why we decided this I’m not really sure, but it didn’t turn out very well.
When I arrived with my friends it was crowded, a three story building full of people, music, dance and color, but you were nowhere to be found. Then suddenly I saw you, walking up the stairs right in front of me and as suddenly as you came you were gone.
I looked for you and the top of the stairs, waited for you, searched crazily for you but I couldn’t find you. The entire night I search pushing my way through crowds, fighting to make my voice heard, by you of course. But you never answered, never heard me.
At last I found you, you were drunk, your shoes were gone (or were mine?) and you couldn’t remember anything. The whole night was gone, the anxiety, the uncertainty, the pain that lasted an infinite night were all gone because I finally found you!


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