Don’t drive my car

Cars are a very personal items seldom entrusted to others, unless of course one is impaired to drive. In dreams a car usually represents our independence, our capability to direct our lives in the direction or directions we will. If we are the drivers of our own car it is said that it is a good dream since we are in control of our own life – of course, just to the extent that we can actually be in control of our lives. If someone else is driving our car then he or she will have influence in our life, or so it is said.

This time I wasn’t driving my car, it was my fiance the one driving it and he was doing a poor job! I can’t recall the entire dream only the part in which I, sitting in the passenger’s seat was letting my fiance know about his lack of driving skills. Truth be told he drives pretty well, that is in real life.  But in this situation I wanted to be driving my own car with such a heart that it made me wake up.


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