Worst nightmare

Do you have that dream in which you are naked? In public? It is pretty bad, or so I’ve heard. In my dream I wasn’t naked but it was embarrassing none the less.

It was late at night, I was in my old bedroom in Spain waiting for a couple of friends to pick me up to go partying. I looked at my reflection on the mirror and I was wearing a beautiful gray-silver dress, with beautiful shoes and . . . unshaven legs. Yes, that’s it. I know it doesn’t sound as bad as being naked but I can assure you the sensation is the same.

So, there I was dressed gorgeously with hairy legs! At that same moment I heard a horn hunk, they were waiting for me, what to do? I ran to the bathroom and grabbed the only razor blade I could find but unfortunately was blunt. I was frantic trying to find a way to shave my legs, how could it be that my only razor was blunt?! meanwhile my friends were waiting. Finally I decided to go out anyways, with my hairy legs and all.

I walked out the door, go into my car and I woke up.

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