Kissing Mads Mikkelsen

Just yesterday I watched Valhalla Rising, to me this is a violent yet spiritual movie. The ending was . . . unexpected but I did enjoy the always handsome Mads Mikkelsen.  It was Mads Mikkelsen in his character One-Eye who came to me in my dreams, unfortunately or fortunately the dream was most innocent being the climax of it a kiss by the hot Mikkelsen.

I remember the greens and blues of the landscape and the sky, also the brightness of the day light. It was a clean, crisp and cool light. There I was surrounded by nature and . . .  by him. He was close to me and he came closer, so close his face was the only thing I could see. His breath and his weight the only things I could feel (Did I mention we were laying down?).

Then his kiss came and it was like tasting a chocolate covered cherry, literally. He lisped his tongue in my mouth and I tasted it, I felt it, like chocolate melting and the sweet cherry. My breathing grew harder and then I woke up, still breathing hard.

Although it was only a dream I can now say with some confidence that Mads Mikkelsen kisses taste like chocolate covered cherries!


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